Sunday, July 20, 2014

Amway's Fraudulant Business Model

                                             Amway India Criminal Defendants

Amway operates a fraudulent business model.  Downline recruits basically are the only customers; the products are intentionally priced so as to be effectively unsellable outside of the pyramid distribution channel.  Recruits are lead to believe that any potential profit in the scheme will come from recruitment of a never ending chain of downline distributors.  All recruits are brainwashed on the idea that buying and consuming the overpriced products and recruiting others to do the same will result in progress along their dream inspired road to ‘financial freedom.’  

Money in this scheme flows to the top of the pyramid while new recruits believe they can extend their downline legs and position themselves at the top of their own pyramid, and are sold on the idea that success comes from creating an extensive downline network who will continue to buy and self consume Amway’s mixed bag of products and ‘how to’ tools that teach recruits how the Amway ‘dream’ operates.  

Money flows to Amway and Amway top level kingpins by the millions and billions, while the majority of die hard believers never experience the promised financial freedom.  Nearly all ‘believers’ in the Amway dream devote incredible time, money and treasure, none of which will ever be recovered, no matter how hard they strive to succeed in the scheme.  All are taught to believe failure is not Amway’s fault, but their own.  Although nearly all distributors fail in Amway’s fraudulent MLM business model, the pyramid scheme never totally collapses because it continues to grind up new recruits, who ‘pony up’, are ‘used up’, and eventually ‘drop out’, all while viewing themselves as failures (never realizing that their failure was pre planned by Amway and the sellers of deceit, the Amway kingpins).

Thinking about joining Amway?  Fah get about it!


  1. The FTC is investigating Herbalife. While I doubt they will be shut down, I wish the authorities would have the guts to make an example of the scam parent company and shut them down.

  2. Joecool: Have you seen the list of complaints filed to the FTC? Download the PDF:

    It will take me a little while to read through it as it is long and written in legalese.

    Herbalife and the entire corrupt industry--all operating on the Amway's 's money extracting business model--make up the many heads on the MLM hydra; so if one head gets chopped off, the rest continue fleecing their sheep..

    'City hall' is largely being bought off through graft, gifts and outright bribery. Seems to be the 'American way! (Sadly so.)

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