Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Believers of Mythology Are Significantly Insane

I continue examining Scientology and Amway: 

In so many ways, critical thinkers have very often been atheists.  Science leaves very little room for the theistic belief in mythology.  The scientific method does not consider the patently insane ideas expressed in religious thought or scripture which is generally regarded as mere mythology.  

A belief in mythology has the general effect of rendering one into an insane state of existence. Cults have arisen and are significantly with us today, the result of mental dysfunction..  The insane lead thought slaves around in a labyrinth of fear. These leaders, mad-men, generally are rarely ever called to account for their crimes. Death then being the preferable end.   

L. Ron Hubbard sought to escape truth and was very much a prisoner of his own making. Hubbard apologists continue to perpetrate fraud.  Russell Miller, in his book “Bare-faced Messiah” described a paranoid psychopathic liar who in the end sought to escape the fallout of his cult and of being held to account for his past crimes.


Mr. Miller could well be describing all the other founders of totalitarian cults.  These also others are like Hubbard, simply desiring to outlast detection and the truth of accountability.  In death do they find relief for paranoia, and of fear.  They, too, exist  in a bunker, actually a prison of belief, a lonely place, the place of the insane. Hubbard ran supposedly from evil space aliens and his past life, but such describes his insanity.  

Apologists for cults generally suffer from the same narcissistic ideology of their founder--they are mentally castrated. They also live in their own bunker, their own prison of belief and the promised insanity.. Truth is the enemy of all cults,  whether they masquerade as ‘religion’ or ‘business.’

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